Halloween Costume Ideas for Small Budget


Halloween Costume Ideas for Small Budget

Hurray! Halloween is round the corner again. To some, the news is nothing but exciting. But, to others who have been terribly affected by the economic crunch, it is just another time of expenses. Not to worry, there are lots of Halloween costume ideas for everyone, whether you are economically buoyant or cash crunched.

Whether you need budget-friendly costumes for you or your kids, you will find some great Halloween ideas that will fit your small budget and even give you or your kids a stylish look just like someone who paid more for a Hallow dress.

The first time I saw the Halloween costume with two holes on the eye area and one hole for the head, it looked astonishingly unique and I fell in love with it instantly! I only realized later through my granny’s tales, that the costume idea was born out of a tight budget. It’s called Grandma’s Classic Ghost Costume.

Here are some budget-friendly and easy Halloween Costume Ideas;

For Kids

Consider a Clown Costume

Clothing that can make your child look like a clown would be an economic way to dress a kid for Halloween. Go for a mismatched bright color clothing in order to achieve a perfect comic appearance for your kid. Some of the old clothing you have at home can serve this purpose.

Alternatively, you can visit low-cost retail stores (Goodwill store is a prominent one) and get sloppy, floppy oversized clothing. Add some creative skills to make the clothing look more clownish – consider adding stuffs like suspenders, mis-tied necktie, gloves and breads. An old hat or cheap wig would also be a nice addition to the clown costume. Then, finish up with some creative clownish makeup!

For Moms

There are vast arrays of cheap Halloween costume ideas for moms, particularly on the line of ghost costumes. The kits you will need for these cheap costume ideas include the following;

  • A Sheet
  • Eye-shadow (preferably black)
  • Lipstick (preferably black)
  • Powder
  • Makeup kit

What to Do: For the best possible appearance, rip the sheet into pieces and wrap your body with the strips. Wear the makeup first before applying the powder, followed by the black lipstick. Finish up with the black eyeshadow just to create a ghoulish expression. If you have creatively adopted these cheap Halloween costume ideas, your neighbors will surely hold their breath in dread when you emerge!

Rent a Halloween Costume

One of the best inexpensive Halloween costume ideas is to rent a Halloween costume. You will find many Halloween stores renting out costumes at very affordable rate. If you do not have the creativity to embark on DIY Halloween costume, renting one would be a cheaper alternative than purchasing a new one.

What’s more? Have a fun-filled Halloween!

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