How to Create 70’s Costumes for Halloween


How to Create 70’s Costumes for Halloween

The 70’s costumes are here again! The 1970s were remarkable for stylish and hippie fashion. And now, people in the present era are increasingly imbibing the 70’s fashion into their fashion culture. These costumes are applicable to different events such as costume party and Halloween. You can decide to buy one from a store or create one at home. The benefit of creating your own 70’s costume is the opportunity to integrate some custom features.

You can find 70’s clothing in thrift stores, Halloween stores and vintage clothing stores. One of the best places to shop for 70’s clothing units is online. The advantage of shopping online includes landing a great deal, plus the opportunity to explore wide variety of stores in a jiffy.

How to Create Your Own 70’s Costumes

If you choose to create your own  70’s fashion, you need to assemble the following items;

  • Canvas sneakers – the basketball type
  • Platform shoes
  • Bell-bottom pants or jeans

Step-by-Step Guide


Choose your preferred 70’s costumes clothing. Depending on the event or purpose you are targeting, you can choose casual, business or party 70s wear. For a casual fashion statement with your 70’s clothing, the following clothing units will be suitable;

  • Fitted button-down top
  • Flowing blouse complemented with knitted tank top
  • Ringer t-shirt – choose the one with 70’s slogan or inscription

If you decide to go for a business look with your 70’s fashion, you will need these clothing units;

  • Jersey or polyester pant suit
  • Hip-length tunic

For a disco 70’s clothing look, the following have been considered more effective;

  • Halter jumpsuit
  • White or sequined bandeau top
  • Spandex gold

Step 2:

You will also need suitable pants, skirts or shorts to match your 70’s tops. This would not be necessary if you decide to go for suit or one-piece garment as indicated in step one.

For casual appearance with 70’s costumes, you will need the following clothing units;

  • Polyester minim skirts
  • Polyester bell-bottom pants
  • Denim bell-bottom jeans

For discos, you will look stunning in hot pants, especially the stretchy types.

Additional Information

If you’ve decided to look casual in your 1970s clothing, match your outfit with basketball sneakers. And, you will need to wear platform shoes if you are putting on denim or normal skirt. You can also use a low heel platform shoe to match a 70’s business attire. On the other hand, higher inches platform shoes are best suited for disco look. Alternatively, you can use the roller skates alongside tube socks to match the 70’s disco attire.

Suitable Hairdo

Most people prefer to match the entire 70’s costumes look with a long hair wig. Create a center parting on the hair to achieve enhanced 70s looks.  You can also go for the feathered hairdo using a curling iron or heated rollers. This will create the Farrah Fawcett style.


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