Halloween Costumes Concepts for Adults

Halloween Costumes Concepts for Adults – Try Them Out!

Thinking of suitable adult Halloween costumes for a Halloween party? Well, you don’t have to think too far — from X-rated to idiotic and tons of other concepts for adults, there’s so much for you to choose from. For instance, you can be inspired to go for the groan-inducing cow concept with rubber udder.

Brainstorming for Halloween Costumes Inspiration

When it comes to generating ideas for a Halloween outfit, there are lots of sources to explore and would include the following;

  • Ghost and Goblin tradition
  • Movies and movie stars
  • TV Series
  • Witty costume “puzzle” — the Guess What am I! concept
  • Decades fashions – e.g. 20s and 80s fashion
  • …and more

The Costume Puzzle

If you’re looking for costumes for adults that will suit work environment this Halloween, then you can hardly go wrong with the costume puzzle. And, this takes little effort to accomplish.

For instance, you can get a cereal box and cut out all the front and back panels. When you’re done, wear them over your head – use fabric or string to attach it. But, you should glue bits of cereal to the front, along with rivulets of dried glue — don’t forget to plunge a knife to its front. So, what would you look like? A “cereal killer!”.

Poncho Costume

Another suitable costume for adults this Halloween is the Poncho concept. You can come up with a poncho of green felt and use inexpensive Christmas ornaments to decorate and appear as a Christmas tree. Look for stuffed dog toys with mouth open; then attach in a way to create an illusion of dogs biting your legs and arms.

Snow White

Go for another version of the popular fairy tale by purchasing a Snow White dress clothing and ripping it. Make your hair bedraggled and hold cardboard hatchet. Everyone will see you as Snow White going psycho and killing the dwarfs!